Welcome to the ATLAS.ti in the Classroom Award. We will provide three awards per academic period to professors incorporating ATLAS.ti into their teaching curriculum. Each professor will receive a full software license and six-month licenses for all the students registered in the course with a maximum of 20 licenses allowed.

Awards will be given three times year:  January 5th, May 5th, August 5th.
To apply, please complete the form below.  Thank you!
For more information on this award, please contact us at the email or phone numbers below:
ATLAS.ti Training Center 
E-mail: training@atlasti.com
Phone numbers:

United States and Canada: 1-866-880-0231
United Kingdom: +44-20-319-65268
Germany: +49-30-7262-1557
Spain: +34-917-893-887
Argentina: +54 115 239 1333
WhatsApp Latin America: +54 915 2309 0522
Malaysia: +60 392 122 552