1. Atlanta's Best Loved Primary Care Doctors

Nominate your primary care doctor, pediatrician, or obstetrician-gynecologist for our list of the city’s favorite physicians! Then tell us a little about how you choose your doctors. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE ALL QUESTIONS TO PARTICIPATE.

July will be our ever-popular “Top Docs” issue. Atlanta magazine’s metro-area list is prepared by the New York-based research firm Castle-Connolly, which polls leading physicians, specialists, chiefs of service, and health care executives, plus an extensive selection of board-certified physicians, to identify the most skillful and respected physicians in various cities across the nation. Atlanta magazine readers often ask us how they can nominate their own doctors. Unfortunately, Castle-Connelly’s strict methodology prohibits non-physician participation. However, this year Atlanta magazine is adding a new feature—Atlanta’s Best Loved Doctors. Patients may not be the ultimate judges of clinical skill and knowledge, but we can sure judge a physician’s compassion, reliability, accessibility, and communication skills. With that in mind, we’re asking readers to nominate their favorite primary care physicians—family physicians, internists, ob-gyns, and pediatricians—to help us find the best loved clinicians around the metro area. Please enter your nomination below, and may the nicest doctors win!!

* 1. Please nominate your favorite primary care physician (internist, family medicine, or other).

* 2. For the primary care physician listed above, indicate the area of town where his or her main office is located.

* 3. Please nominate your favorite pediatrician.

* 4. For the pediatrician named above, please indicate the area of town where his or her main office is located.

* 5. Please nominate your favorite obstetrician-gynecologist.

* 6. For the obstetrician-gynecologist named above, please indicate the area of town where his or her main office is located.

* 7. How often do you get a physical?

* 8. My biggest complaint about doctors is:

* 9. I rely on the following to choose my doctor (check all that apply):

* 10. How long do you typically wait to see your doctor?

* 11. What do you dread most about going to the doctor?

* 12. How would you like for doctors to improve their customer service? (Check all that apply.)

* 13. Other than professional competence, what factor is most important in your choice of a primary care physician?

* 14. Please provide your name and contact info in case you win our drawing for a $100 restaurant gift certificate. This information will not be used for any other purpose.