The Atlanta Local Food Initiative (ALFI) wants to know how much food is being produced in and around Atlanta! Community gardens contribute greatly to home food production, in addition to serving as a catalyst for social interaction, nutritional wellness, urban greenspace, and community development. In order to see how much food is being grown in Atlanta, it’s imperative that we take into account the size and location of community garden ventures.

The information collected here will be used for statistical purposes to get a better understanding of the distribution of community gardens in Metro Atlanta and the cumulative space used for growing food. Community garden information will not be used or reported in relation to the name of the garden. We will not use your information for marketing purposes or mailing lists. However, there is an opportunity at the end of the survey where you can indicate whether you would like to be contacted about local community garden resources and opportunities.

In order to ensure that we don’t count a garden multiple times, please enter the name and location of the community garden or organization that facilitates garden activities. We will not share your name or location unless you choose to be marked on our community garden map.

* 1. Community Garden or Organization Name:

* 2. Website:

We think it’s important to understand the distribution of gardens throughout Metro Atlanta, so please tell us where your community is growing food. We will not share your address with anyone else or use it for marketing purposes.

* 3. Where is your garden located?

* 4. Please select the categories below that best describe your garden’s practices. Please check all that apply.

* 5. Please estimate the following.

* 6. Who owns the land that your community garden is on?

* 7. What key purpose does your community garden serve other than food production for home consumption? Please check all that apply.

* 8. Does your garden offer classes focused on cooking and/or nutrition?

* 9. If yes, please describe the cooking and/or nutrition classes offered.
Please include frequency of class offerings, average number of participants per class, population that classes are structured for ( ex.-kids, adults, low income), etc.

* 10. Does your community garden provide other programs such as classes, trainings, demonstrations, or mentorships?