The purpose of this survey is to help your club/school/organization better understand the relationship between you and your parents. This will in turn help to better provide resources for your parents to help them be a winning Sports Parent!

No single parent or athlete will EVER be identified, so please be HONEST and TRUTHFUL!

* 1. Please select your gender

* 2. What is your sport?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. Do you ever feel too much pressure to perform from your parents?

* 5. Do you feel pressure from your parents that you need to earn a college scholarship?

* 6. Have your parents ever used guilt or shame as a way to motivate you to the point that you want to quit?

* 7. Do one or both of your parents try and act like your coach when they know nothing about your game?

* 8. If you could tell your parents how to best support you what would you tell them? (keep your answer to no more than one or two sentences)

* 9. Who typically puts more pressure on you when it comes to your performance?

* 10. In the past year, have you witnessed a sports parent (yours or any other) use physical or verbal abuse towards another coach, referee, or parent?

* 11. How would you BEST describe your relationship with your parents?

* 12. Do you feel that at times your parents try to live through you and your participation in sports?

* 13. Which of the following best describes your relationship with your parents on a daily basis?

* 14. Have your parents ever discussed with you their definition of competition?

* 15. Have you ever sat down with your parents and as a family WRITTEN down your family core values?

Examples of core values are honestly, trust, hard work, teamwork, respect, etc.

* 16. How many nights per week do you get to have a 'sit down' family dinner with your entire family?

* 17. Have either of your parents ever encouraged you to bend the rules when you felt like that might not be the right thing to do?

* 18. When it comes to playing your sport, do you experience the love from your parents as...

* 19. In the past year, have you ever felt that either of your parents have withheld love from you due to a poor performance?

* 20. Which best describes your parents communication style?

* 21. To your knowledge, have your parents ever had a parenting coach in the same way that you have a sports coach?

* 22. After a bad game do either of your parents tend to

* 23. Do your parents praise you differently when you play the best game of your life versus when you play a better than average game?

* 24. Based on the previous question, which do you actually prefer?

* 25. Do your parents tend to focus more on your

* 26. Which of the following do your parents tend to focus on the most?

* 27. Have your parents ever told you that you were embarrassing to them after a game?

* 28. How many fun experiences do you have with your family outside of sport each week?

* 29. Which parenting skills do you feel that your parents struggle with the most? (choose up to 3)

* 30. Which movie best represents your experience with your family when it comes to your sport?