As an employer, Arizona State University is committed to its employees and is interested in identifying opportunities to improve the work environment. The Exit Interview provides a valuable source of information to measure the overall quality of worklife at ASU. Although not required, we value your responses and hope that your suggestions, comments and observations will help ASU in its continued efforts to make the best possible work environment for its staff. Your individual responses are confidential to the Office of Human Resources and will only be used in a grouped summary unless you indicate that you wish to have your individual responses shared. Your participation in this survey will not affect any future employment with ASU. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.


* 1. Job Title

* 2. Department/VP Unit

* 4. Primary Campus Location

* 5. Length of Service (Please enter the number of years you were employed with ASU. If you were employed less than one year, please enter "0" for years and the number of months you were employed.)

* 6. Primary Classification

* 7. Quarter of Separation

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