Thank you for submitting a program proposal for the 3rd Asterisk Trans* Conference @ UC Riverside. All workshops will be presented over 60 minutes on Saturday, February 25, 2017.

Please note that all rooms will include a white board, dry erase markers, and a projector. However, you must provide your own laptop. If you are using a Mac, please provide your own adapter for projector use. Internet access will be available for presenters.

Presenter Responsibilities:
- Lead presenter should communicate conference updates to co-presenters.
- Presenters are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.
- Presenters are responsible for registering online for the conference.REGISTRATION FEES ARE WAIVED if you submit a proposal, even if your workshop is not accepted.

You will be notified by December 2016 if your program proposal has been accepted.

Options for presenters wishing for more than 60 minutes:
1) Session 1 is right before lunch, if you'd like to extend your time for those wanting to stay longer.
2) The Grad Student lounge will be available for those wanting to debrief from a session
3) We may have open "claim your space" rooms in the afternoon.
4) You can request 2 sessions. However, in order to provide the most session topics, we cannot guarantee you 2 sessions.

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* 4. Names of co-presenters, if any

* 5. Name of campus or community organization (if applicable):

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* 9. If a closed space that is open only to specific self-identities is necessary, please explain below.

* 10. Program Title:

* 11. Names and affiliations of presenter(s) as you would like them to be printed on the web site and program book (For example, Jean K., UC Riverside):

* 12. Program Abstract:
Please provide a 3- to 5-sentence abstract of your program. The abstract you provide will be published on the web and in the printed conference program book.

* 13. Program Description:
If necessary, please elaborate on your program abstract. What are the program's goals/objectives? What resources will be provided? Who is the intended audience?

* 14. Please mark the primary focus of your program:

* 15. Does your program address any of the following topics (mark all that apply):

* 16. Do you require a projector? [You must provide your own laptop with a VGA port or adapter):

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* 18. Any questions or concerns?