Introduction and Personal information

PeaceWiseHelp provides a PeaceWiseHelp Conflict Coaching service and a PeaceWiseHelp Mediation service.
In order for us to assess whether and how we might best be able to serve in your situation, it is important that you:
1. are clear about what PeaceWiseHelp services we provide (and the basis on which we provide them); and
2. give us some basic but important information about the situation.

PeaceWiseHelp services
Whilst PeaceWiseHelp services can be used by anyone, it is important that parties (and any stakeholder organisation) that engage us, understand and accept that all PeaceWiseHelp services are provided from a gospel centred, Biblical foundation and Christian worldview. Accordingly, we are concerned with dealing not only with the issues that are the subject of the conflict, but also with the relational breakdown between the parties.

To understand who we are and how we do things, please read the PeaceWise Foundational Statements document which includes our Statement of Faith and Core Values. 

The situation
For us to assess our ability to serve in this situation we request you provide some basic information about:
1. yourself as the enquirer;
2. the party/ies in conflict - including any relevant background information about them and their relationship to each other; and
3. the conflict itself - the apparent issues, context of the conflict and what has been done to date.

If this enquiry proceeds further, we will also require some basic information directly from any/all other parties.

Please answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge, and as accurately and comprehensively as you can, as this will enable us to understand the situation better, and be able to assess on whether we can serve you and/or others.

We understand the high sensitivity surrounding the sharing of information regarding a difficult relational conflict. Be assured that all information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence and is requested only to help us serve the parties involved (and any organisational stakeholder, if any).

IMPORTANT: Abuse or allegations of abuse
PeaceWiseHelp Mediation seeks to serve parties in conflict, however it may not always be the most appropriate service to use.

PeaceWise views any allegation of abuse seriously. Conflicts that involve abuse or allegations of abuse require specialised intervention. If you believe that abuse is present in this conflict, please be aware that PeaceWise may not be able to serve in this situation. However, if this is the case, we will do our best to provide you with referrals to other services.

Abuse is evident when there is a hurtful pattern of behaviour inflicted by a person on another with the intent to shame, coerce, isolate, control, dominate and/or manipulate them.

Abuse may be overt or covert.

Abuse can occur often (but not only) when there are differential positions of power (real or perceived) between parties.

Abuse may be:
1. physical – includes sexual;
2. emotional/psychological - includes use of negative, sarcastic, demeaning or punishing behaviour or words;
3. spiritual - includes the use of spiritual/church/theological power or authority (actual or perceived); and/or
4. financial - includes the control and/or use of, or the withholding of finances.

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* 1. Your Name and Address

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* 2. Position held by you in the stakeholder organisation (if applicable)

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* 3. Type of organisation

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* 4. How did you come to know about PeaceWiseHelp services? (More than one option may be selected)

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* 5. Have you attended any PeaceWise training?

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* 6. Are you aware that PeaceWiseHelp services are provided from a gospel centred, Biblical foundation and Christian worldview? You can read our Statement of Faith here.