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* 1. How would you describe your primary interest in ASPO-USA's work? (please check all that apply)

* 2. Which aspect of ASPO-USA's work particularly interests you? (please check all that apply)

* 3. Which of these ASPO-USA activities are particularly important or valuable to you? (check all that apply)

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* 5. What types of content are of particular interest or value to you (or would be if they were available)?

* 6. What aspect of ASPO-USA's work do you think is most important and valuable? Is there something that you would you like to see ASPO-USA do that it is not doing now?

* 7. Are you an ASPO-USA Member?

* 8. If you are not a current member or donor, why not?

* 9. ASPO-USA is making a concerted effort to reach out to new partner organizations and broaden our base of support. If you know of individuals. companies, foundations, or other organizations that would be interested in our work, please note below with any contact info you may have (or email us at info@aspousa.org).

* 10. Please add any other comments you may have. If you would like a personal response to any of your comments, please include your email address. Thank you for your time and help.