Policy Amendments Survey

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What is the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan?
The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP) is Austin’s comprehensive, multimodal transportation plan. It was first adopted in 2019, and it plans for all the ways we get around Austin. This includes driving, walking, bicycling, scooting and taking public transportation like buses and trains. It also discusses how we deal with important transportation issues such as parking, detours, maintenance, or how our transportation network contributes to the equity and sustainability of our city and communities.

What is this survey?
We are considering adding three policies to the ASMP and would like your input on the short survey below. We think it will take someone about 10 minutes to complete. To learn more about the ASMP, the ASMP amendment process or this survey, please visit AustinTexas.gov/ASMP or email ASMP@AustinTexas.gov.
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