Informed Consent

You are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Tighe O’Meara from Southern Oregon University, School of Business. The researcher hopes to learn about community members’ attitudes toward the law enforcement community in general, and specifically toward the Ashland Police Department

You were selected as a possible participant in this study because you are a member of the Ashland community. If you decide to participate, you will be asked to answer 21 questions. 20 of the questions are answered using a 7 point scale, with “1” being “I strongly disagree” to “7” being “I strongly agree.” The last question asks for your age within a 10 year range. You will also be given an opportunity to make comments if you like.

Your participation in this survey is completely anonymous, and no identifying information will be recorded.

You may not receive any direct benefit from taking part in this study, but the study may help to increase knowledge which may help others in the future. The results of this survey may be used by the Ashland Police Department to better serve the Ashland community.

Your participation is voluntary and anonymous. You do not have to take part in this study, and it will not affect your relationship with Southern Oregon University or the Ashland Police Department. Again, your participation in the survey is completely anonymous, and no identifying information will be recorded. You may also withdraw from this study at any time without penalty.

If you have concerns or problems about your participation in this study or your rights as a research subject, please contact Deborah d’Este Hofer, Grants & Sponsored Programs at 541.552.8662. If you have questions about the study itself, contact Tighe O’Meara at

Continuing with the survey indicates that you have read and understand the above information, are 18 years or older, and agree to take part in this study. Please understand that you may withdraw your consent at any time, and that, by participating, you are not waiving any legal claims, rights or remedies. The researcher will provide you with a copy of this form for your own records if you request one via email.
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This study has been reviewed and approved by Southern Oregon University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB has determined that this study meets obligations required by federal law and University policies.

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