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All ASHG exhibitors and sponsors must disclose to ASHG Exhibits Management all exhibitor appointed contractors (EACs) or third-party agents working on the exhibiting company’s behalf while onsite at the ASHG 2024 Annual Meeting.

Please complete (or have your EAC complete) this form for each EAC providing services onsite for your company by Monday October 28, 2024.

All EACs must observe the 2024 Exhibitor Rules and Regulations, as agreed to by the exhibitor/sponsor as part of your ASHG contract. ASHG and Freeman will work with the designated agents or third parties only after receipt of this form and a current and valid certificate of insurance (COI) for each EAC. The Colorado Convention Center will not allow any EAC onsite without a current COI or who has not completed this form.

Please reach out to with any questions.

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* 1. Exhibiting/Sponsoring Company Information

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* 2. EAC Company Information
Please include the onsite contact information for the person who will be representing this EAC onsite.

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* 3. EAC Services Provided
Select all that apply.

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* 4. COI Submission
Each EAC requesting to work at the Colorado Convention Center for the ASHG Annual Meeting is required to submit a current and valid certificate of insurance (COI). The COI must show required Workers Compensation coverage and liability coverage to include property damage in the amount of $1 million USD, naming ASHG, Freeman, and the Colorado Convention Center as additional insured. EACs must must provide an original insurance certificate onsite if requested. Please submit as PDF only.

PDF file types only.
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* 5. Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement
All exhibitors/sponsors and their EACs must observe the following terms and conditions, as outlined in the 2024 Exhibitor Rules and Regulations. Each line must be acknowledged / selected to submit this form.

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