As part of our Energy Conservation Program at ArtsBuild Ontario, we are trying to understand the energy consumption of our arts facilities.

We are asking you to answer these 4 brief questions that will help us tremendously in advocating for resources to support our arts facilities in obtaining the maximum energy savings possible in their buildings.

To complete you will need a copy of your latest hydro bill (Toronto Hydro, London Hydro etc).

All responses are anonymous.

Question Title

* 2. Type of Arts Facility (if you are an arts organization that only has office space please select Admin/Office Space)

Question Title

* 3. What is the approximate square footage of your facility? If you have more than one facility, please provide the total approximate square footage of all facilities.

Question Title

* 4. What is the approximate energy consumption of your building? If you have more than one building please provide the total consumption of all buildings.

If you only have access to a monthly total, please input the KW/H next to 'Monthly'


If you are able to access a yearly total, please input the KW/H next to 'Yearly'
(Yearly KW/H total can be found on most monthly hydro bills.)