Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective offers customized coaching services for school districts to create and update strategic plans for increasing the quality, quantity and equity of arts instruction in their schools.
Coaching services are offered to school districts at no cost but space is limited. If your district is interested in receiving this service, please submit your response to this survey by Wednesday, April 12, 2017. 

Interested school districts will be contacted by June 2017 to further discuss this opportunity.

Staff is available to discuss this opportunity with you. Call Rachel Mendoza at 213-202-3965 to be connected with your district's liaison.
Please send any questions to artsedcollective@arts.lacounty.gov.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. What year was your most recent arts education strategic plan written?

* 3. If you have a strategic plan for arts education, what is the status of your plan?

* 4. Arts Ed Collective offers two kinds of coaching support.  In what type of process are you interested?

  Yes No
CREATE A PLAN - conduct a full strategic planning process to create a new plan that builds upon existing programs and reflects the current landscape
UPDATE A PLAN - review an existing plan and identify strategies to continue to advance arts education implementation.   


* 5. How many people do you envision participating in the planning process?

* 6. How many hours do you envision committing to the process?

* 7. What is your ideal month for starting the strategic planning process?

* 8. By what date do you want to accomplish the strategic planning process?

* 9. Please share what you would like to accomplish next year with your plan and how you see an Arts Ed Collective planning coach being of support.