The prestigious Minister’s Arts Education Awards are in recognition of outstanding achievement and endeavour in Arts education.
These awards are designed to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of teachers in The Arts in South Australian schools.
The awards recognise excellence in teaching in improving children and young people’s learning. They highlight outstanding achievement, creativity and leadership of teaching and learning in Arts education.
The awards are a considerable prize in terms of funding to support the professional development of the recipient. This may include (involve) their students and/or school community, but the prize is predominantly about funding the individual’s professional development.

It is envisaged that these awards will provide winners with opportunities to further develop innovation, best practice and leadership of The Arts.
There are five awards available for outstanding teachers of The Arts in public and non-Government schools.
Each recipient of an award will receive $8,000 to support their professional learning in their chosen Arts field.
Awards are presented in three categories:
1.     Public School Category (two awards)
·          One award for a primary teacher of The Arts
·          One award for a secondary teacher of The Arts
2.     Non-Government School Category (two awards)
·          One award for a primary teacher of The Arts
·          One award for a secondary teacher of The Arts
3.     Early Career Educator Category
·          One award for a teacher of The Arts in their first 5 years of teaching
All  applicants in their first 5 years of teaching can be considered for the Early Career Arts Educator Category even if they have applied in one of the other two categories.
The Award funding is provided for expenditure during the 2023 calendar year.
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