Artists of Galway ( - worldwide exposure

Galway has many hidden talented painting artists, cartoonists, and photographers and the purpose of this invitation is to gather them together as a cohesive working collaboration. The goal is simple, expose, create a demand, make sales. If you wish to participate in such a venture just spend 7 minutes answering the following short questions.

* 1. Your contact details:

* 2. A short biography of yourself (e.g. your art experience, your medium, your materials oil, water, other etc.)

* 3. A single example of your work (title, cost, dimensions, medium) [up to 4 more samples can be sent via email (using this format) to]

* 4. Your website address or Facebook profile (optional)

* 5. Indicate if you have sent images of your pieces (including title) to the following email address
Images are of yourself (head and shoulders) for display, as well as images of your work pieces

* 6. In order to cover the running costs of, I am willing to pledge a €20 fee for a minimum of 3 months exposure on the website.

* 7. Have we your permission, without further contact, to display your submitted original work on Thank you for supplying details of your personal work. PLEASE PRESS "DONE" WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED.