An opportunity has arisen in East Linton for the community to take part in developing the Old Saleground and Auction Mart. The vision is to provide workspace facilities that create opportunities to run individual businesses and also collectively offering the flexibility to fulfil the needs of a small business with skill swapping, mutual support, teaching facilities, socialising and retail. You would be working alongside a diverse mix of other enterprises involved in sustainable practices, respecting the environment and integrating with the local community creating a unique and progressive 21st century approach to living and working.

The community is at the heart of the project and would effectively own the site and decide how it should be managed and how to develop it further using any profits made from leasing out the facilities. The wider community could benefit from increased visitor numbers by marketing the village as a destination for good local food, arts and crafts, sustainable community development, historical agricultural links etc. There will also be ample parking at the site.

A number of interested locals have been meeting over the past few months to discuss whether the project should be taken forward and it has been decided that due to the level of support and number of positive responses, a feasibility study should be done. We have appointed Community Enterprise to carry out the study, part of which involves asking a wide range of people what they think and how they might use the facilities.

A separate survey is being circulated in the community to identify demand for such a project. The objective of this survey is to identify the specific needs of vendors who might want to operate on the site and if you are a potential user, we would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete this.

Please contact Douglas or Kirsty on 01506 862227 if you want any further information.

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* 3. Where do you create, produce or run your business from?