1. Artisan's Asylum Class Proposal

If you would like to teach a class or hold a workshop at Artisan's Asylum, please fill out this survey.
- Please read each question description carefully to be sure that your responses contain the required information.
- Fill this survey out once for each class/workshop you want to propose.

The first half of the survey covers the basic proposal and logistical details, the second collects material for the registration page and promotional materials for the class.

I highly recommend drafting the answers to these questions in a separate document you can save for future reference or in case anything goes wrong while you're submitting this form.

You'll likely be contacted at the end of the month in which you submit your class proposal. If you have any questions or concerns before then, contact molly [at] artisansasylum [dot] com.

* 1. Contact Information:

* 2. Preferred Method of Contact:

  Email Phone Call/Voice Message Text Message
By Asylum Management
By Your Students


* 4. Class requirements details (a quiet room, a projector, the availability of certain tools, student-purchased consumables, specific tool training, etc.):

* 5. Preferred shop location (if you know):

List the number of hours of each session as well as how many sessions. Please also note if sessions are sequential, or if they can be taken individually.

Please let us know what days of the week and times of day you're available to teach this class. Make sure to include specific date guidelines since your class may be considered more than a month after being proposed.

* 8. PRICE:
Asylum instructors generally charge between $10 and $30 per student hour separate from materials cost, depending on the experience of the instructor and demand for the class. Instructors get 50% of all class income that doesn't go to cover the cost of materials. (Materials Cost line required - if no materials cost, write 0. You can fill in either the Hourly rate or the Total Ticket price, as you prefer.)

* 9. How many students?

If you can, include the url of a photo of an example of the final product of the class. If you have a photo in file format, email it to info@artisansasylum.com. If the class does not have a 3-dimensional final product, then try to find a good photo to represent the subject matter.

Please include a paragraph or two for describing your course to prospective students, for listing on the registration page.
Make it clear what the scope of the class is (generally what it will cover), who it's intended for, and why people should be excited to take it. Be sure to use full sentences and describe the class in such a way that it sounds appealing to your intended audience!

This is a 1-2 sentence condensed version of the above, for listings on our website and print materials.

* 13. TARGET AUDIENCE: Who is this class designed for?
(Youth/Adults/Families, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/All Levels, artists looking for engineering skills, vice versa, all of the above, etc.)

Provide a list of the skills or outcomes that students should expect to leave the class with. That might be a list of tools students will learn to operate, processes like project management or brand development, and any concrete outcomes like "10 completed screen-printed greeting cards of your own design".

* 15. PROPOSED SYLLABUS (short form):
Please describe briefly below how you plan on organizing your material (per session for multi-session classes, or per section for 1-day workshops.

* 16. PREREQUISITES: Please include any necessary prior courses or knowledge (examples: "Must have already taken basic woodshop safety at Artisan's Asylum" or "Students should have some prior milling experience."). If there are no prerequisites, list "None."

List any materials that will be provided, their total cost, and whether that cost is included in the registration fee or if students should bring a check/cash with them to pay you directly on the first day of class.

List anything students should bring with them. That could be payment for the materials fee, materials that they are expected to provide, specific clothing appropriate for the class activity, ideas, etc.
If students need to purchase any materials on their own, list items needed plus estimated costs and, if applicable, locations where students can purchase them.

* 19. INSTRUCTOR PHOTO: If you can, include the url of a photo of yourself. If you have a photo in file format, email it to class-planning@artisansasylum.com.

Please give us a brief bio to be used as part of our course descriptions, with an emphasis on skills and experience immediately relevant to the content of this class.

If you would like us to reuse a bio from a class proposed or run within the past 3 months, just say "see bio from [name of class]".

* 21. SEARCH TERMS: Eventbrite asks for a series of tags to make the class more easily searchable and to increase marketability. Please suggest some tags/search terms below.

* 22. Do you have any questions, comments or concerns?