14% of survey complete.

Thank you in advance for taking part in the Arizona Dialysis Facility Survey, conducted by the Arizona Department of Health Services. We are gathering information from dialysis facilities across the state in order to better understand infection prevention needs. The results of this survey will be used to design an infection prevention ADVICE (Arizona Developing Value through Innovation and Communication with ESRD providers) Collaborative available to all Arizona dialysis facilities, and will help to guide discussion among participants at the 2013 ADVICE Collaborative kick-off meeting on May 17, 2013. We would like your input even if you are unable to attend the meeting, as this will help ensure that the survey results truly represent the Arizona dialysis care community.

This survey should be completed by one staff member knowledgeable about infection prevention practices at each dialysis facility. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please note that your responses will be completely anonymous. Your participation will play a very important role in providing infection prevention resources to the Arizona dialysis community. Thank you in advance for your assistance.