ARISSat-1 Interest and Operation

Did you operate ARISSat-1? What did you think of it? Or did you watch the many YouTube videos? We'd like to learn more about your listening and operating experiences so we may improve future STEM satellites. Thank you, the ARISS team.

* 1. How did you listen to ARISSat-1?

* 2. Was ARISSat-1 easy for you to operate/listen to?

* 3. What did you enjoy the most?

* 4. What operating mode did you enjoy the most?

* 5. Did you submit listening reports?

* 6. Did you use the ARISSat-1 Telemetry Program (

* 7. Did you forward captured BPSK telemetry to the ARISSat-1 TLM Server?

* 8. Will you use the archived telemetry (

* 9. Did you view the submitted videos about ARISSat-1 on YouTube/Vimeo?

* 10. Did you view the SSTV Gallery (

* 11. How many children did you share ARISSat-1 with?

* 12. What did the children find most fascinating?

* 13. Where did you get your information about ARISSat-1 from?

* 14. How did you track ARISSat-1?

* 15. What Radio did you use to listen to ARISSat-1?

* 16. What antenna did you use to listen to ARISSat-1?

* 17. Please tell us a little about yourself

* 18. Where are you located?

* 19. For future satellites, what activities would you like to see?