Family Engagement in Arkansas is defined as:

Family engagement refers to the beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and activities of families that support their children's positive development from birth through age eight (8). Family engagement builds relationships that promote family well-being, strong parent-child relationships and ongoing learning. Family engagement happens in many places, the home, early childhood program, school and community, and it is a shared responsibility with all those who support children's learning.

* 1. Arkansas is developing a new guide for promoting family engagement for all early childhood programs. What are some components you would like to see in this guide?

* 2. Please tell us which of the statements below best describes how often you do family engagement activities in your home? (Examples: Family Engagement Activities could include...Reading together, families completing projects together, etc!)

* 3. Why do you think family engagement activities are important in the home, center, or school?

* 4. Are you familiar with how family engagement activities are used in your child's early childhood classroom?

* 5. Do the outcomes below capture the most important areas that would identify your needs as a parent?

The new guide to family engagement will include the following six family outcomes:
  •      Family Well Being
  •      Positive Family Child Relationship
  •      Families as Partners and Lifelong Educators
  •      Family Engagement in Transition
  •      Family Connections to Peers and Community
  •      Families as Advocates and Leaders

* 6. Which of the following technology tools should we use to better serve you in terms of providing resources for family engagement materials?

* 7. What resources and information would you like to see in the Statewide Family Engagement toolkit to assist you with your family's needs? Please list all that apply.

* 8. Each of the four components will be organized into more specific levels for the Family Engagement Framework beginning with a program foundation. Using the chart below, Please provide any input you may have on these levels, including the way they are organized.

    1. Program Foundations 
    2. Program Impact Areas
    3. Family Engagement Outcomes
    4. Child Outcomes 

The Chart shows how the Family Engagement framework will be organized. 

The Chart shows how the Family Engagement framework will be organized. 

* 9. This is an example of the proposed Family Engagement framework. What are your initial reactions to this framework? What do you like or not like? What challenges do you foresee and what clarifications would be necessary to ensure understanding and ease of use? Please refer to the pyramid. 

* 10. Is there any other input that you would like to provide that was not addressed by the survey questions?

* 11. What else can be done at the state level to ensure that the new Guide to Promoting Family Engagement  is useful and user friendly in supporting and assisting your family needs?

* 12. Please describe your relationship to the child or children in your care that are enrolled in an early childhood program in Arkansas? Please click all that applies.

* 13. Please identify your race/ethnicity.

* 14. What part of the state are you located (see below)?

Thank you for your participation with this survey! Please send or fax hard copies to the address listed below. If you have questions, please contact: Jackie Govan, Director of HSSCO, at, 501-371-0740. All surveys are due by Friday, August 28, 2015

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