When I heard 30 million presentations are created every day I refused to believe it! How much time are we spending on creating presentations? And what do we get out of it? To my surprise there is hardly any data available. Hence this 30 second survey.

1. How important are presentations to you?

2. How often do you attend a presentation?

3. Of the past 10 presentations you attended, how many were worth your time?

4. Per today what action do you commonly take after the presentation?

5. How often do you present?

6. How much time do you spend on creating a presentation?

7. When creating a presentation, on what areas do you spend your time?

  Sequence of the slides Matching font Adding pictures Putting key points in bullets Building the story
Most time
More than I want to
Least time

8. Pick what would make a presentation better?

9. What is your profession?

10. Estimate how many people at your company create presentations?

11. Do you want to be included in the response of this survey