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The Arcadia Performing Arts Foundation is in the process of planning for the usage of the beautiful, new, $20 million state-of-the-art performing arts center located on the Arcadia High School campus and we'd appreciate your input! Along with student performances, what types of professional entertainment would you enjoy seeing and hearing at the Performing Arts Center? Your feedback is very important to us as we strive to bring quality entertainment to Arcadia and neighboring communities. Please consider taking this brief survey to give us your thoughts. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Thank you so much!

位於亞市高中校園,耗資2500萬美元的亞市表演藝術中心已經完工。我們希望能安排您所喜愛的節目, 請花幾分鐘告訴我們您的意見,
Please provide the following demographic information for statistical use only. Thank you. 基本資料

1. In what ZIP code do you live? (enter 5-digit ZIP code) 郵遞區號

2. Are you male or female? 性別

3. Which category below includes your age? 年齡層

4. Do you have school-aged children 有學齡子女嗎?

5. What is your ethnic background? (Optional) * 族裔(自由選項)

6. Please indicate your employment status 職業

7. What is your annual household income? (Optional) 年均收入(自由選項)

8. Please indicate the types of entertainment that you have paid to see within the last year: 去年曾經買票看的表演

9. How much do you usually spend on entertainment of this type per ticket? 票價

10. How do you most often learn of the performing arts events you attend? 如何得知演出

11. Indicate the types of events that you would support at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center 希望我們安排那類活動

12. What types of speakers would you most enjoy hearing in a speakers series at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center? 對那類演講最有興趣

13. Would you be interested in volunteering with the Friends of the Arcadia Performing Arts Center? ? 願意加入為義工嗎

14. Join our mailing list and keep up to date on all of the events happening at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center. We will not sell or share your information. By entering your personal information you consent to receive email communications from the Arcadia Performing Arts Center Foundation. 聯絡資訊(負責保密)

15. Are you interested in making a donation or learning more about the naming opportunities available at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center? Your support will lay the foundation for this incomparable venue's enduring legacy to serve as a center for the arts, education and engagement where the lives of students and the greater community are enriched. 您願意為弘揚藝術,提昇學習,
豐潤社區而捐款嗎? 我們有各種命名選項。