Part I. Participant Selection Criteria and Notification for Applicants

Deadline of Application 
September 6, 2021, Monday at 17:00 (Bangkok Time)

Documents/Survey to be prepared/responded before submitting the application form
1) Profile photo
2) Scanned National ID/ Passport
3) Signed Letter

- The Letter of Consent (for the applicant who is a business owner/head of the organization, click to download letter template)
- The Letter of Recommendation from Employer/Organization (for an applicant who is an employee of an organization, see the letter requirements)

Target Group of Participants

The training program targets two groups of participants with a total of 23 participants, i.e. 20 women entrepreneurs and three (3) government officials of Trade Promotion Organizations from Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam.

Qualification of Applicants 
- Be able to communicate (speak, understand, read and write) at a professional level in English;
- Have basic knowledge of e-commerce and basic computer skills;
- Have online shopping experiences;
- Have sufficient professional capacity to actively participate in cross-culturally at regional and international level;
- Be able to commit to attend the entire training cycle, including two-week online training and phases for action plan implementation, and synthesis and evaluation workshop from September 13-November 26, 2021.  

In particular, for the group of women entrepreneurs, the applicants should:
- Have at least three years of experience of business experience; 
- Have been involving in export business and highly interested to expand/innovate business through e-commerce;
- Interested and/or have been involving trading with the Republic Korean market (preferably)
- Are open-minded with new trends of technology and actively practicing business innovation;
- Have at least a high school or bachelor’s degree

For the group of Governmental Officials, the applicants/nominees should: 

- Have been involved in international trade promotion, export products and business development, e-commerce development and promotion for over 2-year;
- Have experiences for international and regional cooperation for trade promotion, preferably with experiences coordinating with Trade -Promotion and Business Development Services organizations in the Republic of Korean;
- Have at least a bachelor’s degree.
Duration of Training Program 

The program contains activities in three phases and requires full participation in all training cycles after being select as participants. 

Phase I: Sep 13-24, 2021 | Zoom

1) Pre-Training Testing and Briefing Sessions to help participants to familiar on the training arrangement and rules, Sep 9, 2021 at 14:30-16:00 (Bangkok time);
2) Two-week online training course via Zoom application
Sep 13-23, 2021 at 08:30 am -12:00 pm (half-day) and Sep 24, 2021 at 08:30 am - 12:00 pm and 13:30-17:00 (full day).
Phase II: Sep 27-Nov 24, 2021 | CLV countries 

Action plan implementation by training participants in respective CLV countries within four-weeks after the training, i.e. organizing localized workshop/training, and developing Export E-Market Plan.

Phase III:  Nov 25-26, 2021 (2 full-day) Synthesis & Evaluation workshop