Our active Alumni Network is our greatest gift. Recently we created an Alumni Advisory Committee. This group meets on a monthly basis, with times  and dates determined by group conscience. Our goals are to improve programs and services offered at Cedars, provide greater support and opportunities to our Alumni Network, and advocate recovery in our community. No one knows better about the experience of residential treatment, what it means to be  an alumnus/alumna of Cedars and a person in recovery - than YOU!

* 1. Your Info

* 2. What year did you complete treatment at Cedars?

* 3. Have you been abstinent and in recovery for 6 months or more?

* 4. How would you describe your life in recovery today?

* 5. Why do you want to be an Alumni Advisory Committee member?

* 6. Please describe how you would make a positive impact through your role as an Alumni Advisory Committee member

* 7. Please describe how the Alumni Advisory Committee could support you in your recovery

* 8. Please describe (if applicable) how the Alumni Advisory Committee could support you in achieving your goals

* 9. As a member of the Alumni Advisory Committee, you would be expected to attend X 1 online meeting per month, as well as spend "1 hour of power" each week to advocate recovery. It is up to you how you allocate this time, and this can be done in many ways i.e. sharing your story, chairing a meeting at Cedars, brainstorming ways to improve programming in treatment, engaging in discussions via the private "Alumni Advisory Committee" Facebook group, advocating for recovery resources in your community, attending recovery events, volunteering within fellowship etc. Please describe how you may contribute in the online meetings and how you may use your "one hour of power" to advocate for, improve, and support, recovery resources.

* 10. What is the best day for you to attend a one hour online meeting?

* 11. What is the best time for you to attend a one hour, online meeting?

* 12. What online platform do you use most for social engagement?

* 13. How comfortable / familiar  are you with using online technology? (Our meetings are held within a confidential platform called "zoom").

* 14. How willing are you to learn and use a new platform / online technology?

* 15. Do you feel capable, with your current schedule, to attend X 1 meeting per month, and engage in "1 hour of power" towards advocating recovery and supporting the Alumni Advisory Committee initiatives?

* 16. At this time, how committed do you feel to attending X 1 online meeting per month, plus spending "1 hour of power" weekly to the Alumni Advisory initiatives and recovery advocacy?

* 17. What is the best way to get in touch with you?

* 18. Additional Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. The Community Care Department will review all applications, and if you have been accepted as a member of the Alumni Advisory Committee, you will be informed via email 2-3 weeks following your submission.