The Appleton Comprehensive Plan "Our Innovative Path" is available for review and can be found here: 
www.appletonmn.com  or  www.umvrdc.org
Hard copies can also be found at the city office and the library in Appleton. Contact kristi.fernholz@umvrdc.org or 320-289-1981 x106 with any questions.

* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. Community Vision Statement:

"In 10-20 years: Appleton stands out as a successful small town because of our willingness to try a new and innovative path. Residents feel welcome and supported, and businesses utilize progressive economic opportunities. A highlight of our town is our multiple outdoor recreational opportunities which enhance livability, increase enjoyment and provide economic possibilities. Diversity, functionality, and interconnectedness makes Appleton a place where all residents can thrive. "

Does this vision statement speak to what you hope the future of Appleton will be?

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* 3. If you answered No or Not sure, please specify why:

* 4. A link to the plan is provided at the beginning of this survey. Do you agree with the direction of the comprehensive plan?

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* 5. If you answered No or Unsure, please specify why:

* 6. Of the following items, what should the city spend money on?

  Less than what it is currently spending Same as what it is currently spending More than what it is currently spending
Streets and sidewalks
Water, sewer and utilities
Housing investments – esp. new, etc.
Parks and trails – campground, etc.
Business development – industrial park, properties, etc.
Demolition and clean up properties
Marketing and promotion
Healthcare investments – memory care unit, senior living, etc.
Broadband – better internet
Community cohesion – events, website, communication, etc.

* 7. What is your top priority for the next 5 years?

* 8. Any other feedback about the Appleton Comprehensive Plan?

* 9. What is your contact information? (optional) This will only be used for future updates or for questions.