Introduction to the Survey

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Globally the retail sector is in the midst of a powerful and fundamental transformation. The whole ecosystem of the industry, from the supply of raw materials and finished products, to how consumers buy, is changing. The challenge for retailers and manufacturers today is how do they re-configure how they buy and sell to respond to this new world?
To what extent do these global challenges and buzz words, such as omni-channel retailing, item-level RFID tagging and the Internet of Things relate to Irish fashion businesses?
Where do the challenges and priorities lie for retailers in Ireland in terms of IT investment to meet the needs of today's (and tomorrow's) consumer? For designers and manufacturers, what are the new demands to be met for trade and retail customers?
These are some of the questions we are seeking to answer through this study.
To gain as wide an input as possible from across the spectrum of the apparel sector in Ireland, we have partnered with a number of organisations to deliver this survey: 
GS1 - the global supply chain standards organisation
VisionID - a leading Irish retail solutions provider
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