It is an interactive whatsapp chat group for all the AO Spine East Asia members.  You can discuss and interact with the seniors and peers about different surgical cases.

East Asia Mentor Faculties will be rostered to ensure a timely respond to the case discussion

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The views and opinions expressed are for this academic discussion only and shall not be used for the sole determination of care for the actual patient management and/or any other patients whatsoever. The ultimate patient care responsibilities rest with the treating clinician of the patient. AO Spine and Discussants cannot be held responsible for the care of the actual patient and/or any other patients whatsoever.

The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent AO Spine. AO Spine shall not be held responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information whatsoever posted.

Please ensure in the case discussion, the information posted should not carry any patient identifier such as name of the patient, national identification number , patient hospital number etc. This is to avoid the review of the patient identity in the discussion and patient privacy must be protected at all time.

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