The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) Annual Water Balance Reporting Form is for the use of water systems with approved water conservation plans (WCP) and which are implementing water accounting as a part of the WCP.

A water balance compares the volume of water introduced into the distribution system with the volume of authorized consumption which is metered.

Water Balance = System Input Volume - Metered Consumption

The comparison provides a general overview of the water system’s potential water losses and non-revenue water. A water balance should not be confused with a water audit, which is a much more detailed assessment of water losses, non-revenue water, and revenue water.

* 1. System Information

* 2. Please provide the time period for which this water balance is based:

Start Date
End Date

* 4. What was the system input volume for this time period?

* 5. System input volume: The volume of water input to the water supply system corrected for known errors, which is equal to the volume of water derived from the water system’s own sources, minus water consumed by treatment processes, plus water imported or purchased, plus or minus the net change in water storage where applicable.

Please describe how system input volume was calculated based on the above definition:

* 6. What was the volume of Billed Metered Water for this time period?

Billed metered water: The authorized consumption by all customer types that is both metered and billed.

Authorized consumption: The volume of water removed from the distribution system with the explicit or implicit approval of the water supplier. The term includes water used by registered customers, water delivered to consecutive systems, and water consumed in public service activities including but not limited to fire fighting and training, flushing of mains and sewers, street cleaning, watering of municipal gardens, public fountains, frost protection, bleeder valves for water quality improvement, and water used in construction. Authorized consumption is either metered or unmetered and either billed or unbilled, in any combination.

* 7. What was the volume of Unbilled Metered Water for this time period? (Only metered water should be reported here. Question 8 provides the option to report any authorized water use which is unmetered and estimated and/or measured using a method other than metering.)

Unbilled metered water: Any authorized consumption that is metered but for which the water supplier does not bill.

* 8. Not required: Volume of Authorized Consumption that is not metered? Please also state how the system measures/estimates these volumes.