Welcome to the ABTA Animal Welfare Guidelines Stakeholder consultation. To participate, please review the documents attached to the email and complete the relevent text fields in the following pages.

Overview of the ABTA Animal Welfare Guidelines:
The opportunities for customers to interact or view animals are plentiful in tourism and they often make for a popular excursion or holiday choice. ABTA’s Animal Welfare Working Group has created the Global Standards for Animals in Tourism, designed to provide a balanced and science based approach to best practice standards.

Intended use & audience of the Guidelines:
The intention for the Global Standards is to set out minimum requirements for animal related attractions to ensure that both the animals’ welfare and the customer experience are safeguarded. They have been designed to help both tour operators and animal attractions work to best practice.

We would very much value your feedback on all areas and in particular, areas key to your expertise. If you have any queries, please contact the ABTA Sustainable Tourism team on sustainabletourism@abta.co.uk.

Thank you for your time.