1. anewguide


anewguide is a project developing new social media guidelines for newsrooms around the country. For more information http://anewguide.wordpress.com/

* 1. What is your name and what newsroom do you work in? What is your twitter account? What is your e-mail address?

*We would like this information so we can contact you if we have further questions.

* 2. What is your role in the newsroom?

* 3. How do you personally use social media?

* 4. How are you expected/encouraged to use social media for your job?

* 5. Have you been trained by your employer to use social media?

* 6. If you have, how have you been trained?
If you haven’t, do you think you should be trained?

* 7. On a scale, how would you rate how you have been trained to use social media in regards to your job?

  Poor Fair Decent Good Exceptional I have not been trained.
Rate how you have been trained.

* 8. What does your newsroom deem a success in regards to social media?

* 9. What do you think is the most successful way to train reporters/anchors/producers/web editors to use social media effectively?

* 10. Can you describe an event in which social media was a success during your day on the job?

* 11. Can you describe an event in which social media was not a success during your day on the job? How could this situation have been handled better?

* 12. When did your newsroom start using social media?

* 13. How does your newsroom use social media?

* 14. Do you have a fan page/real page? Do you have a personal twitter and a professional twitter?

* 15. If you don’t have separate personal and professional accounts how do you decide what to post on your Facebook and/or twitter account?

* 16. Does your newsroom have a policy about using social media in the field?

* 17. For online content, when is this written? Before your on-air stuff is done or after?

* 18. What do you/your newsroom tweet? Do you create new content? Do you just tweet teases?

* 19. If you could have one newsroom guideline in regards to the use of social media, what would it be?