1. What type of phone do you currently use?

2. What is the ideal size for an android app?

3. How important is the size of an android app to you?

4. How long do you usually keep a free app on your device?

5. How important are the following pieces of information when deciding if you will download a free app or not?

  Not important Somewhat important Very important
Description of the features
Overall rating of the app
Screenshots of the app
Reviews from other users

6. How long do you take to evaluate an app before you'll consider giving it a positive rating in the market?

7. How would being prompted by the app to write a review impact your review?

8. What are your preferred ways to share an app you like with your friends, using your device?

9. How important is it to you to know about the company who makes an app you're considering downloading?

10. How important is it to you to be able to use an app while not connected to the internet?

11. How often would you like the app to be updated?

12. How do you prefer to learn about the various features of an app?

13. Where do you hear about new apps to try?

14. How much do the permissions an app requests, influence your download / installing behavior?