Improving The American Microscopical Society 2015

The American Microscopical Society (AMS) invites you to take a few minutes to complete this online survey about membership, benefits and meetings.

The point of the survey is to gather information from both current and potential members of AMS to determine the best way to increase membership and participation in the Society as well as improve the benefits offered to our members.

This survey is anonymous, and we kindly invite you to participate regardless of your membership status.

The Executive Committee of AMS is grateful for your help in this effort.

* 1. Gender?

* 2. Age

* 3. Country of residence?

* 4. Currently employed as?

* 5. Are you a current member of AMS?

* 6. If you answered: “Yes, I am a current member” to question #5, what year did you join AMS?

* 7. If you answered: "No, I used to be a member but am no longer" to question #5:

* 8. What are (or would be, if you joined) the main benefits of being an AMS member to you?

Please rank 1-6, in order of preference. Select the rank in the drop-down menu.

* 9. Are you a member of another scientific society?

* 10. If you answered “yes,” to what other societies do you belong? Please list up to three in which you maintain active membership.

* 11. What is the ‘Number 1’ membership benefit that is most important to you from ANY professional society?