Purpose of the research

The research project aims to understand what drives climate action ambitions in low-income and lower-middle-income countries. While high-income countries are responsible for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, emerging economies are underrepresented in the academic discourse, yet are projected to be strongly affected by climate change. The research is mainly qualitative, with a total of nine contrasting national case studies from Africa, Asia and South America forming the basis of the project


Confidentiality and anonymity

All of your responses are confidential and all the means to remain anonymous will be provided. No personal or sensitive data are collected or stored. Any specific reference in our research output to whatever information is given in this survey will be referred to by means of pseudonyms or coded-names.


Survey duration and voluntary participation

The survey will take roughly 15 – 20 minutes to be completed. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary.


Use of the material and formal consent

The survey will form part of the background to our research, and could be used in publications for policy and academic audiences, in our newsletters and other communications, as well as for research training and teaching.

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