1. Informed Consent Agreement

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Informed Consent Agreement

Please read this consent agreement carefully before you decide to participate in the study.

Purpose of the research study: The purpose of the survey is to better understand current practices of ambient music production and consumption.

What you will do in the study: After agreeing to participate in the research study, you will be directed to a survey form where you will be asked to answer several sets of questions regarding your relationship with ambient music. You may decline to answer any question if you wish.

Time required: The study will require approximately ½-1 hour of your time.

Risks: There are no anticipated risks in this study.

Benefits: There are no direct benefits to you for participating in this research study. The study may help us understand more about individuals who currently produce and consume ambient music.

Confidentiality: The information that you give in the study will be handled confidentially. Your surname will not be requested, and you are welcome to use a pseudonym (fake name) or an initial in place of your first name. Because of the nature of the data, it may be possible to deduce your identity; however, there will be no attempt to do so and your data will be reported in a way that will not identify you.

Voluntary participation: Your participation in the study is completely voluntary.

Right to withdraw from the study: You have the right to withdraw from the survey at any time without penalty.

How to withdraw from the study: If you would like to withdraw after your materials have been submitted, please contact Victor Szabo.

Payment: You will receive no payment for participating in the study.

If you have questions about the study, contact Victor Szabo at vls2u(at)virginia.edu.

Question Title

1. I have read the description of the study, and I agree to participate.