This (drawing above) is how the Ambassador Theater looked when it first opened in 1935. Sadly, it doesn't look like this today in 2017. Our new, full-service ShopRite supermarket isits directly across from the Ambassador. Clearly the current vacant building can't continue as it is. What would YOU like to see happen with the Ambassador? Please take a few minutes and answer the questions below.
Your answers will help guide the direction of the community and surrounding area’s strategic planning initiatives.Thanks for your help!

* 1. Check as many as appeal to you -- "If the Ambassador Theater space could accommodate it, I would like to see the following services offered there ..."

* 2. How important to our community heritage is it to preserve the historic appearance of the Ambassador?

* 3. How many YEARS have you been involved with the Howard Park Community?

* 4. Do you live/work/worship in Howard Park? (Check as many as apply.)

* 5. Please use the space below to provide more information or share your vision for the Ambassador Theater.

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