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The UNMC Ambassador program pairs current UNMC students with incoming international students. The purpose of the program is to assist the new students in their adjustment to living in Omaha and studying in the United States. The relationship is intended to be more social than scholarly. Ambassadors asked to contact the new student prior to their arrival in the US, to meet the incoming student at the airport if possible, to attend social events during orientation week and to meet with the new student at least weekly for the first few weeks of the semester. Ambassadors are asked to invite their match to attend holiday functions at their home when possible.

* 1. Candidate

* 2. Advisor

* 3. Is this individual a good candidate for the UNMC International Student Ambassador Program?

* 4. Do you support their involvement in this program, including 2 – 3 hours a week during the first month of school and decreasing thereafter?