London LGBT Almanac 2nd Edition Feedback Form

Your feedback on the London LGBT Almanac 2nd Edition is greatly appreciated, so that we can improve future editions and make them more useful. You can tell us who you are to be entered into a prize draw to win two tickets for the London Eye, or you can provide feedback anonymously if you wish. If you would like any support supplying feedback please ring centred on 020 7437 6063.

The London LGBT Almanac was funded by the Big Lottery Fund, Trust for London, London Councils, and the City Bridges Trust.

* 1. Please describe yourself in one sentence or less (e.g. LGBTQ volunteer, artist, trustee, activist, organiser, staff member of an LGBTQ organisation, funder, infrastructure organisation)

* 2. Please tell us about your level of engagement with the Almanac 2nd Edition up to now

* 3. If you have a favourite thing about the Almanac 2nd Edition, please tell us about it.

* 4. The Almanac 2nd Edition contains a Heritage section with essays, interviews, visual art, photography, a play, archive material, poetry, and a graphic story. Please tell us your thoughts about this section and if and how it impacted you.

* 5. If you have one, please give us one suggestion to make the Almanac more useful to you.

* 6. How useful do you find the Almanac in providing up-to-date statistical information about London LGBT organising?

* 7. How useful do you find the Almanac in describing the diversity and range of LGBT organising?

* 8. How useful do you find the Almanac as an information tool for planning and development?

* 9. How useful do you find the Almanac in your funding work?

* 10. Please describe

* 11. Please tell us if the Almanac increased your knowledge of:

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
Overall LGBT organising in London
The activities and services of LGBT organisations in London
The people involved
Volunteering and activism experiences
The financial context for LGBT organisations

* 12. Please tell us whether you think that the information provided in the Almanac, if well-used, will:

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
Support LGBT organisations to better deliver on their missions
Support funders and infrastructure organisations to better work with and support LGBT organisations
Engage funders in thinking about equality funding
Support LGBT organisations to contribute to policy
Improve funding for LGBT organisations
Improve confidence for volunteering and activism support
Improve volunteering experiences
Increase awareness amongst other organisations (e.g. policy makers, other voluntary/community organisations)

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* 14. Do you have any other comments or suggestions that would help us to improve the Almanac?

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Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.