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Thank you for your interest in reviewing and providing feedback on draft competencies designed to support Children's Administration supervisors, caregivers and social workers' training and professional development. Competencies are knowledge and skill summary statements related to the job or the work. Competencies are not meant to evaluate behavior or performance on the job, but are a developmental path for the workforce and caregivers.

Competencies were meant to provide a coherent and comprehensive (the Alliance’s guiding principles) view of social work practice in public child welfare across the state. For coherency, you will see integration of CA’s practice model in key areas of social work practice and in supervision. For comprehensiveness, you will also see an exhaustive list of competencies (and if we missed any, please let us know).

Competency-based professional development system uses competencies in curriculum, needs assessment, training plans, and for preparation of trainers and coaches.

We are eager to receive your feedback on competencies needed by these three roles/positions (supervisors, caregivers, and social workers) to fulfill their work responsibilities.

You will be able to choose whether you want to review and comment on competencies for one, two or all three of these roles/positions.

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