Welcome to The Agile Leadership Journey 2020 Practice Program Registration

Program Goal...
Develop improved awareness and competency as a leader by applying the learning from the Awareness (CAL 1) Workshop and practice the leadership development framework and practices at work.

Program Focus...
Participants will apply the Leadership Agility Development Framework: Expert, Achiever & Catalyst Leadership, by conducting a 360-Assessment, receive 1-1 coaching, engage in guided small-team cohorts, and have two stakeholder feedback cycles across a 24-week schedule to improve self-awareness, leadership capacity and organizational impact.

Program Schedule...
A 6-Month (24-Week) Program consisting of eight 2 to 4 week modules. 
Program Schedule Overview

Program Engagement & Guidance...
Participants engage weekly online through a guided and facilitated program. Each week participants will meet for 1-hour with their cohort (or cohort guide) and are expected to practice and reflect an additional few hours per week at work.
No travel is required for participating in this program.

Program Team...
The program is guided by Pete Behrens with cohort facilitation by Agile Leadership Journey Guides.

Program and Cohort Guides

Program Credentials

Participants completing the program receive an Agile Leadership Journey Practice Leader Certificate, and a Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL 2) Credential.

Program Fee...
The Total 24-Week Program Cost: $3,750 USD

Fee includes all program costs for certification, the 360-instrument, learning management system, video conferencing tools, global education sessions, weekly cohort facilitation and guidance, coaching office hours, and 1-1 coaching.