A-List Re-evaluation Updates

Thank you for submitting for A-List product re-evaluation. As you may know, beginning this year and continuing into future years, the A-list re-evaluation period has changed and will now occur in the spring to allow for an annual July A-List release. This allows approved products to remain on the A-List throughout the entire school year.

This survey is designed to streamline the A-List re-evaluation process and ensure the product information reflected on the A-List is accurate and up-to-date for each manufacturer.

There have been significant updates to this year's survey, which include:
  • Questions specific to product contact and distributor updates built into the survey, and;
  • An alternative method for submitting documentation for manufacturers with large product lines (>20 products) to help ease the burden of uploading a large amount of files for review.

If you are submitting products on behalf of multiple manufacturers, please submit a separate survey for each manufacturer. You may submit multiple products at once for the same manufacturer.
NOTE: This survey should only be used for re-evaluation of EXISTING A-list products. Click here to review the most current list of A-list-approved items. 

Have New Products? Any products that are not currently on the 2022-2023 A-List that you would like to submit for initial review and A-List consideration should be submitted using the MassNETS tool on the JSI webpage.
Questions about the re-evaluation process? Email Lynnea Spencer at JSIalist@framingham.edu.