Proposals for a new retirement village in Albourne

Retirement Villages Group is preparing new designs for a community-spirited retirement village, to help meet the region’s growing need for specialist developments for older people.

Based on successful and thriving developments in other regions, Albourne Retirement Village would provide assisted living for people ages from 65 through to end-of-life, with a range of facilities and amenities designed to satisfy the lifestyles of residents.

The final designs will be unique to Albourne and informed by the views of the wider community, as well as users and other stakeholders.

This questionnaire is an important part of the public consultation. Your responses will be used to help inform the proposed designs from the outset.
Any personal information that you provide in the completion of this questionnaire and in relation to the consultation will only be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Your personal information will be used to keep you informed about the proposals and the consultation and our activities in relation to this and for no other purpose. Your feedback and other information provided to us within this questionnaire will be used to analyse and interpret the community’s view of the proposals and will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. Copies of completed questionnaires will be rendered anonymous and included in a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI), which is submitted to the planning authority as part of the planning application.
However, the original responses will be securely retained as evidence of the community engagement. Keeble Brown Ltd is registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Ref: Z3330986)
N.B. Keeble Brown Ltd is an independent company, commissioned by the Retirement Villages Group, which provides professional community and stakeholder engagement and consultation. Our job is to ensure your voice is heard.