The City School District of Albany Board of Education is conducting a national search to select and hire a permanent superintendent and has engaged the Western New York Educational Service Council (WNYESC) to assist us with that process.

Gathering public input from various stakeholders at this early stage of the search is critical.  WNYESC will use this information as it works to recruit the best possible superintendent candidates for our district.  The board will also use our community’s input to inform the confidential selection of semifinalists and finalists, and, ultimately to select our district’s next permanent superintendent.

We welcome your thoughts and opinions, and appreciate your contribution to the success of Albany’s children.  Surveys will be accepted up until January 20, 2017.

* 1. Tell us about yourself. Please check the appropriate box below that best describes your affiliation with the City School District of Albany. Employees of the district should only indicate the job area where they are employed, and not check off the boxes related to being a resident. We want to determine how many residents completed the survey who are not employees of the district.

* 2. In the following list of 24 important experiences and skills for a Superintendent, please click the boxes next to the FIVE that you feel are MOST CRITICAL (realizing ALL are important) for an individual to be successful as the City School District of Albany Superintendent at this point in time:

* 3. What do you see as the single, most important quality that the next Superintendent of the City School District of Albany should possess?