Award Descriptions

All nominees must have:
•    Demonstrated a record of consistent excellence in tobacco control;
•    Served as exemplars and role models to others in the tobacco prevention and control movement;
•    Demonstrated initiative toward innovative, creative approaches to tobacco control;
•    No affiliation with the tobacco industry and to my knowledge does not currently receive funding from the tobacco industry.
Award Categories

Outstanding Advocate of the Year  (Open to youth 15 years old and above and adults)
Awarded to a youth or adult, who has been an outstanding advocate for a tobacco-free Hawai‘i and who has demonstrated leadership, effective creativity or innovation.  Or, who has made significant and well-recognized contributions to tobacco control efforts in Hawai‘i and has inspired others in mobilizing the community to further the goals of tobacco prevention and control.

Outstanding Organization and/or Service Provider in Tobacco Control
Awarded to an organization and/or service provider whose attention has been focused on issues associated with tobacco use and has demonstrated an impact on tobacco control through extensive and outstanding service. Organization or Service Provider must demonstrate competency and have conducted outstanding work in one or more of the following areas:

•    Decreasing youth initiation of tobacco
•    Increasing tobacco cessation
•    Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke
•    Reducing disparities in tobacco use

Private, non-profit, or voluntary organizations and associations are eligible for nomination.  Individuals may be nominated for their work as a service provider.

Outstanding Business Champion of the Year 
Awarded to a business that has made an extraordinary and bold contribution or conducted outstanding work in the business community to further efforts in tobacco control in the community.

‘A‘a Award (Open to youth 15 years old and above and adults)
Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding personal contribution of volunteer time or given financial support to the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawai’i.

Kanalu Award (Open to youth 15 years old and above and adults)
Awarded to an individual who is new to tobacco control and who has made an outstanding contribution to furthering tobacco control efforts.

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