Hello and thank you for taking the time to take this survey. We want your input! Your insights are important to making Aktion Club the best possible experience for members and volunteers. So we have a few questions about making the most of your role—and about a potential new initiative later this year.

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* Please indicate how useful the following resources would be to you while advising your club/district.

  Very useful Somewhat useful Not useful Unsure if it would be useful
Online education courses for advisors
Online education courses for district administrators
Club Officer guide/handbook
Club financial management resources
K-family event planning
Pocket calendar for members
Exhibit in a box to use at DCONs

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* If you are interested in the "Exhibit in a box" for DCONs, what would you want inside the box? Mark all that apply.

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* [If you didn't answer the question above, skip this question.]

How much would you be willing to spend on the "Exhibit in a box"? Keep in mind, the cost of the box would reflect how many of the items above are included.

17% of survey complete.