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Please provide the contact information of the key people involved with the airTRFX project.

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* 1. Who is the main Point of Contact (Manager) during the implementation phase?

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* 2. If applicable, who is the main Point of Contact (Manager) after the implementation phase?

After product delivery the ownership of airTRFX generally transfers to the digital marketing team. Please advise if this will be the case, or if the project owner that was assigned during implementation will remain the same.

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* 3. Who is the Project Owner (e.g., Director of Ecommerce, Head of E-acquisition, etc.).

The Project Owner is generally accountable for performance of the product.

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* 4. Who is the Project Sponsor (e.g., SVP of Marketing, VP of Digital Strategy & Marketing, etc.).

The Project Sponsor is the one who approved and/or signed the airTRFX contract.

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* 5. Which department covers the airTRFX licensing fee?

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