1. Questions about aid

The Irish Government currently spends large amounts on aid. As well as donating large amounts to projects on issues such as hunger relief (Irish Aid's priority), education and infrastructure, and giving large amounts to NGOs, such as Concern and Trocaíre, Irish Aid also has a number of priority regions and so-called Program Countries, of which there are nine.

* 1. Do you think that Irish overseas aid has helped to reduce poverty worldwide?

* 2. What should Ireland's priority be?

* 3. Should Irish overseas aid be spread equally across the globe or should it be focused on specific countries or regions?

* 4. There have been many examples of corrupt governments in the developing world. Do you think that there is a possibility that Irish aid money could be diverted to such governments?

* 5. Do you think it is appropriate to donate money to countries that are poor, yet have undemocratic governments, or a poor human rights record, Zimbabwe being an example.

* 6. Many countries that donate aid insist that countries that recieve their assistance should hire companies from the donor country, whereas others let the recipient country spend it at their own discretion. Should countries that recieve Irish aid have to spend it on Irish companies?

* 7. Do you think that there is a danger that foreign aid may make developing countries more dependant on wealthier nations?

* 8. Do you think that the Irish Government tells us enough about Irish foreign aid programs?

* 9. Due to the state of the Irish economy, the Government has made a number of cuts in all sectors, and overseas aid is no exception. Do you think that overseas aid should be treated differently with regards to the cuts?

* 10. Out of every €100 spent by the Government, how much do you think is spent on foreign aid?

* 11. How much, per €100, do you think should be spent on foreign aid?