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* 1. Here is a list of cities with shared bike services. From this list, please indicate which you know and use.

  I know and utilize this bike share system, or have used it previously I know this bike share system but have never used it I have not heard of this bike share system
Citi Bike (New York)
Vélib’ (Paris)
Barclay’s Bike Hire (London)
WE-cycle (Aspen)
Bike Share of Austin (Austin)
Hubway (Boston)
Boulder B-Cycle (Boulder)
Broward B-Cycle (Broward)
Charlotte B-Cycle (Charlotte)
Bike Chattanooga (Chattanooga)
Divvy (Chicago)
CoGo (Columbus)
Denver B-Cycle (Denver)
Des Moines B-Cycle (Des Moines)
Fort Worth B-Cycle (Fort Worth)
OCTA Bike-Share (Fullerton, CA)
Houston B-Cycle (Houston)
Kansas City B-Cycle (Kansas City)
Madison B-Cycle (Madison)
Decobike (Miami Beach)
Nice Ride (Minneapolis & Saint Paul)
Spokies (Oklahoma City)
Omaha B-Cycle (Omaha)
SLC Bike Share (Salt Lake City)
San Antonio B-Cycle (San Antonio)
Bay Area Bike Share (San Francisco)
Capital Bike Share (Washington, DC)

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* 2. Citi Bike is New York City's bike share system. Initiated by the City of New York in 2013, it is sponsored byCiti Group. The bikes are distributed at 330 self-service docking stations. The service is available by purchasing an annual subscription, weekly pass, or day pass, allowing users to borrow a bicycle for a short trip.

Do you know the Citi Bike system?