Please submit your feedback

This survey is intended to gather feedback from the users of the AHURI website about its content, features and functions.  The redeveloped version of the AHURI website was launched in March 2016.  Your engagement and feedback will help us improve and manage the AHURI website into the future.

The completed survey is anonymous, and your responses will be treated confidentially and used only for internal purposes.

* 1. Which of the following options best describes your sector?

* 2. In the past year, how often have you visited the AHURI website?

* 3. What brings you to the AHURI website (rank with 1 being the most important)?

* 4. How easy to use is the AHURI website search engine?

* 5. How could the AHURI website search engine be improved?

* 6. How easy is it to browse for AHURI research on the AHURI website?

* 7. How could the AHURI website be improved to make browsing for research easier?

* 8. Overall, how well does the AHURI website meet your needs?

* 9. Do you have any further comments regarding the AHURI website?