Thank you very much for your interest in supporting the mission of Arch Grants. We are excited by the breadth of support our mission has garnered from the community and we appreciate all of our community advocates & partners very much. Please take the time to fill out this form - it will help guide our engagement with you moving forward.

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Arch Grants Preliminary Judges are tasked with providing Staff direction as to the businesses that are most viable, innovative, scalable, as well as those that have the highest probability of job creation. The formal responsibility of this crucial volunteer position is to provide feedback (via an online platform) on second round applications to Arch Grants Staff in the Arch Grants Global Startup Competition. Time Commitment = ~5 hours once a year

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Friends of Arch Grants are individuals that volunteer their time to welcome Arch Grants Recipients to the St. Louis community and provide resources to them through direct interactions, mentorship, social engagement, and by opening their networks in support Recipient growth through needed introductions into the St. Louis community. Time Commitment = ~1 hour, as needed.

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