Owners and managers of agricultural businesses agree on the need for skilled labor.

By completing this Survey you will support educators to bring more and better training based on your needs as a business.

* 1. What is the name of your business?

* 2. How many of the following job positions do you have in your company?

* 3. What is the current status for each of the following job positions in your organization?

  We don't need this job position We need this position but we don't have it covered  We need this position and we have it covered
Field Workers
Packing Shed / Warehouse
Front Office / Administrative
Equipment Operations
Distribution / Logistics
Sales / Marketing
Accounting / Finance
Human Resources
Pest Management
Laboratory / Scientific
Food Safety
Nutrient / Soil / Water / Irrigation Management
Information Technology and Data Analysis
Other non-identified positions

* 4. Which of the following skills ARE NOT available in your business right now, and you think need to be acquired in the future to improve your business’ performance and sustainability:

* 5. Do your hired job positions receive training?

* 6. If you answered "Yes" to question 5, who provides workforce training?

* 7. Does your organization have "great difficulty," "some difficulty," or "no difficulty" finding applicants who meet the organization's hiring standards for each occupation?

* 8. Please circle the recruitment methods that are mainly used in your company:

* 9. If there are difficulties in recruiting fully qualified candidates at your company, what factors do you think are contributing to this difficulty?

* 10. Does your company provides internships or offer other experiences such as mentoring and/or shadowing programs?

* 11. Use this text box to leave us any comments, ideas or feedback.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!